Peaceful city sanctuary for authenticity seeking vacationers 

Open concept living room and dining room space with lots of seating

The client, a self-proclaimed francophile, wanted the cottage to evoke the spirit of the French countryside while also embodying its New Orleans locale. The space needed to be a retreat providing modern amenities for guests to stay for days or weeks at a time. 

Comfortable seating area with colorful small paintings on the wall
Small dining room space with seating for four

Using a color palette inspired by Provence and Burgundy, and incorporating furniture and accessories with a French influence, like the farmhouse table and timeworn console, the cottage emanates both old world charm and contemporary living.

Bedroom with soft white colored walls and sepia photographs of France hanging above bed
Bedside table with books and small vase of flowers
Functional kitchen space with white and grey color palette
Bathroom with modern glass standing shower
Front of house with colorful blue and brown awning above navy door