Hilltop vacation rental overlooking the vineyards

King bed with graphic bedding and wood paneling
Small desk with chair, mirror and flowers

Stylistically, the clients were drawn to the industrial look, which is prevalent throughout the town. Budget and timeline were critical, but the most imperative tasks were insuring that the spaces photographed well and fit a large number of people.

Soft grey sofa with pillows, side table and lamp
Large squares wooden coffee table with books and flowers

To do that, two distinct living areas were created to give options for multiple people to socialize or relax. Additionally, between the three bedrooms, ten people are able to sleep comfortably, with even more accommodated on the large sectional.

High backed wooden bed frame with bright white bedding
Comfortable living room space with sofas and soft chairs
Bedroom with small desk and wooden door
Hallway with stairs leading up
Full sized bed with layered textured bedding