"Boo made the process so easy. Buying furniture and designing your space can be stressful, but she laid everything out with clear options, and options with different price tags. I would 100% use Boo if you need help or if you are unhappy with the way your house is laid out. Even though we spent money on her services, it was the absolute best money we have spent on our new house!  Boo saved us money by getting the exact design that we wanted. We now have a house that is exactly how I envisioned it, and I could have never gotten it there myself."


"I needed to pull together my public spaces to create a cohesive vibe as well as to elevate the look of my master bedroom. Boo has an excellent eye and impeccable taste. She addressed all my concerns and helped with procuring furniture, accessories, fabric, rugs and was also a huge help for staging for a party. My favorite part of the project has been identifying a need and then watching Boo come up with several design solutions. She always finds several great options while respecting the price point! Working with Boo is truly a pleasure. She is a real pro and so talented. You will enjoy the process as well as the end result in working with her!"


“Moving to Southern California after 10 years on Maui, I knew I wanted to leave the Hawaiian Decor behind and go more contemporary and modern. Visualizing the end result and figuring out how to get there was a task, but we knew that Boo would help tremendously, as we had worked with her previously on a vacation rental we own. We had no doubts whatsoever that she would help us gut and renovate our new home, and she did just that. My advice to others: give Boo parameters of your style and color and let her do her magic.”


"We had not hired a decorator before to oversee every aspect of design from start to finish and top to bottom. Boo was fabulous at this. She was lovely to work with: clear from the start and she made wonderful decisions, taking us in a totally new direction that was so fun, beautiful and rewarding. We couldn't be happier. She made it easy! Not only do we love living in and enjoying the finished product, but everyone else does as well. I have recommended her to friends several times, telling them not to hesitate as she is wonderful to work!"


"Initially, I was was a bit concerned that if I hired a designer I would not have much budget left for purchasing furniture but Boo has been very efficient in her time and very straightforward in her billing. As a professional, I appreciate the organization she puts into each piece and her design. Boo has great taste and genuinely wanted to understand the look and style we wanted. Seeing my home come together and reflect my family’s personality has been wonderful."


"My partner and I tasked Boo with delivering a great looking interior on a modest budget. Boo was skillful and resourceful in selecting an overall concept and individual furniture pieces that fit our budget and aesthetic. Reviewing Boo's design suggestions and fixture selections was the best part of shopping - we got to review a well-curated and thoughtful collection of pieces that created a cohesive vision. Furnishing our space with Boo was fun and gratifying. Look no further! Boo is incredibly talented, organized and extremely hardworking."


"I had a wonderful experience working with Boo. At first I was a little concerned because I was out of town and not often in the physical space, but we communicated easily by phone, text and e-mail. Each time I would tell Boo an idea of what I was thinking for the decor, she would follow up with a minimum of 3 choices of what I had described, often in different price ranges. It was uncanny how once I described my vision she was able to bring it to life. Of course when I wasn't sure of an idea, I was able to use Boo's expertise. I love her aesthetic and we were always on the same page. Boo was also able to take delivery of all the pieces and install them while I was out of town. Our apartment came out exactly as I hoped. I would love to have the chance to work with Boo in the future and would recommend her to everyone I know, without a doubt. She's a very talented woman."