Every project has a starting point, which for me is always conceptualizing the final product. In this example, I was tasked with creating an office space that was functional, but also sleek and stylish.

TPE1 Office Sketch.jpg
TPE2 Office Elevation.jpg

Based on the client's input during our on site CONSULTATION, I hand sketched how I saw the room coming together . Once the CONTRACT was executed, I presented a suggested LAYOUT and elevation of my initial vision for the custom cabinetry and shelving, which would house the client's book collection, printer, and items that needed to be hidden from view. 


I also provided a STORYBOARD to give the client a feel for the aesthetic direction I planned to take. Once those were approved, I began the DESIGN DEVELOPMENT & SOLUTIONS stage, where I refined the layout and identified the ideal sizes of the furniture. I fine-tuned the design of the custom cabinetry and shelving, and worked with a decorative painter to create a custom stain finish that complements the adjacent rooms.

TPE4 Office CAD Elevation.jpg

After the approval of the furniture, accessories, and builtins, PURCHASING began. Once all custom items were completed by the artisans and all furniture and accessories were delivered, the day we had been working toward since the consultation was upon us: INSTALLATION.