What does your work mean to you?

My work is pure joy. I wake up everyday happy to get to do what I do and grateful to do something I love.

Who are you at the party?

I’m the one having fun.

What makes you good at what you do?

Apart from the design aspect, my ability to work with varying budgets and timelines gives me an edge. While I consider myself a creative person, my years of working in company operations helps me apply order and organization to the work I do.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as transitional, with a lean toward contemporary. I love rooms that are clean, bright, and livable, and I always like to mix antiques and heirlooms with new pieces to bring a little history to my projects. Regardless of my personal style, I make sure I ask good questions and listen closely for what’s important to my clients.

Are there any particular elements commonly found in your work?

Natural elements, pops of color, and unexpected components are essential to my spaces to give each a unique and collected feel. I want every space I touch to be comfortable. We’re happier when we’re comfortable.

What wouldn’t someone find in your portfolio?

I don’t gravitate toward trends or thematic styles. I like spaces to feel original, where you can see the client’s personality coming through.

What do you love about living in New Orleans?

First, the people. I find most people who live in New Orleans to be quite unique and interesting souls. Most everyone has a story to tell, along with great appreciation and enthusiasm for life. It is certainly the most welcoming place I've ever lived. I truly feel at home here and am constantly inspired by everything around me: the art, music, food... There is really no place like it in the world. I mean, where else will you regularly encounter a brass band strolling down a random street on a random weekday blasting out notes of joy for anyone and everyone to enjoy? And on top of all that, it is one of - if not the - most beautiful cities in the US; a perfect home base for anyone working in a creative field. 

How would you describe your dream client?

Someone who wants to participate, but also trusts me to do my job. And it's always an added bonus to have someone who isn't afraid to take some risks.

What advice might you give a homeowner?

The best advice I ever received was to invest in things I love, even if I'm not sure where they might fit. After putting this advice to practice time and time again - for myself and clients - I would impart this same advice to everyone. By surrounding yourself with things you love, it is quite the task not to feel happy when you look around.